How to Make Volkswagen Speakers Louder

The most common question asked by those who own a Volkswagen is how to make Volkswagen speakers louder. Most people in their thirties or forties would still be blissfully unaware of the ability of car audio to get much louder. But the younger generation, which has become much more aware of their options and are searching for ways to make every cent count, know about this ability as well. The question on the lips of the younger generation, then, is how to make speakers louder without spending an arm and a leg.

How to Make Volkswagen Speakers Louder

There are many different solutions to this question depending on the age and type of car you have. One of the simplest, and the least costly of all solutions, are to replace your factory stereo system with a high end audio system. This will enhance the sound of your stereo and, depending on the type of system you have, will also enhance the volume of your music system as well.

If your system is a CD player only, replacing it with a CD changer will result in your speakers being able to reproduce louder volumes. You can even choose to take advantage of newer designs such as the BTE (balanced Toshiba) tweeters, which are much more compact and give your audio system a nice balance. They are also less expensive than their older predecessors. If you want to make your speakers loud, you could install new speakers. These are, of course, going to add to the expense, but you will be sure to enjoy the sound quality they produce.

In order to answer the question on how to make Volkswagen speakers louder, you must first consider the source. You must then turn on the stereo and play some music. Once you have done that, check the levels and adjust accordingly. If you are listening to rock music or classical music, you will want to raise the volume quite a bit. If you are playing country music, your CD should be played at a lower volume.

If you have the volume all the way up, your speakers are producing sounds very loud. You may be listening to a song with a great sound and someone nearby is screaming because the sound was too loud for their ears. In this case, you should consider powering the speakers a little lower.


If you follow these instructions on how to make Volkswagen speakers louder, you will be able to enjoy your audio system even though the volume has been turned way up. If you have a car stereo system, you will know that it can get annoying when the volume gets so loud that you can’t hear the words over the sound of the rushing winds. The last thing you want to do is to disable your audio system because you didn’t know how to make them louder.