How to Fix Rattling Car Speakers

How to fix rattling car speakers is, in my opinion, a common problem that many people have experienced at one time or another. Rattling car stereos are annoying. For me, I find it irritating when on my way to work in the mornings, I can’t hear the radio very well. When I finally reach my workplace, however, I can barely hear anything over the din of the traffic that is going by. This often leads me to start asking other people if they have heard that noise and, of course, the first person that I call is my boss.

If you’ve experienced the same annoying problem, you’re certainly not alone. In fact, most people experience this when they buy cars. Sometimes, the sound is so loud that they even damage the hearing ability of some people. Fortunately, it’s usually a very simple fix that anyone can do themselves.

Here’s how to fix rattling car speakers:

  • First of all, you should make sure that the source of the noise is really happening. That is, you wouldn’t believe all the people who go to a car dealership with complaints about noises coming from their new cars, only to be told later that it was due to the wires in the car wiring. The wires alone can create the noise, which means you will want to disconnect them. You could also use an air knife to blow out the clatter or check under the hood to see whether there’s a fuse or circuit problem.
  • Next, if you cannot hear the noise after doing this, you will need to take the speakers out of the car and check to see if they are damaged. In many cases, the wires inside the speakers are made of copper strands, and they are very fragile. As such, if you can fix them yourself and you know the extent of the damage, you can strip away insulation to reveal the wire strands. Then, if you are able to, you may try to cut away some more insulation to reveal the positives.
  • If all fails, you will have to look into replacing the speakers. The easiest way to go about doing this is to go to your local car part dealer and get a replacement. Keep in mind that it is illegal to install these speakers yourself, so you must consult a professional. If you do it wrong, there is a good chance that you could void the warranty on your car, so it’s best to get help with this kind of thing if you don’t know what you’re doing.

So, we hope that you learned a bit more about fixing rattling car speakers. In addition to this article, there are some excellent sites online that provide even more information. If you’re serious about fixing this problem, you might consider checking out our website for more information. Happy hunting!